Green School

Glyndon Elementary School
A Green School

For more information about Green School initiatives, please contact Mrs. Julie Keller.

GreenGlyndon Elementary has received recertification for the second time as a Green School!

At Glyndon, students explore the outside world and learn how to be a part of environmental projects.  These projects include the continued care and expansion of native plant gardens and habitat restoration.  Students in the intermediate grades have learned over the years how to plant and then pass that skill on to our younger primary students.  The plant identification needed for weeding has also been passed along to each grade level so that gardens can be maintained.  It has been exciting to add bluebird houses to the edge of the original "no-mow" zone.  Students participate in seasonal schoolyard litter cleanup days with each grade cleaning a portion of the school grounds.  Students sort the collected litter and then graph their findings.

We have continued to emphasize recycling and the reduction of waste throughout the school year.  In addition, students participate in No-Waste Wednesdays in order to reduce the amount of waste in the lunchroom.  In art, students complete projects which reuse recycled materials to create a variety of masterpieces.  Throughout the year, students complete seasonal recycling projects at home.  We continue to recycle ink cartridges and have initiated a special recycling of clothing.

Energy conservation has also been a continuing part of our total school program.  Students have made light switch reminders, computer reminders, and have completed energy audits.  They have also been responsible for turning out lights when they leave their classrooms.  Assemblies have focused on the need for energy conservation and we have also graphed our school's energy use by using the information BGE statements.

Glyndon is proud of the efforts our students make to keep our school environment green!  We look forward to more opportunities to increase environmental awareness and inspire lifelong habits that conserve our environment.