Positive Behavior Action Team

Positive Behavior Action Team (PBAT)

We RACE for Success at Glyndon Elementary School!

For more information on Glyndon's PBAT, contact Mrs. MJ Ordakowski.

At Glyndon Elementary School we

RACE for success so we are:


Always Responsible and Safe

Cooperative and Prepared

Engaged and Independent Learners


Our program involves the entire school using the same expectations and language for behavior and the same system of rewards and consequences. 


Teachers use the RACE tickets to reward students who exhibit the characteristics detailed in the Code of Conduct. 

In addition to the Code of the Conduct teachers have a matrix to display in their classroom which shows examples of appropriate behaviors in every part of the school building.

These matrices will also be displayed around the school at the appropriate places.


Monthly Race Events and the Race Store provide students with the opportunity to choose how they spend their Race Tickets.