RACE for Success


RACE for Success

At Glyndon Elementary we have a school wide behavior system which focuses on our Code of Conduct. Each student will have a calendar that is checked every day with the corresponding color from the Color Code. Below you will find the Code of Conduct and the Color Code to help you gain a better understanding of our behavior system.

Glyndon Code of Conduct

We RACE for success so we are:

Always Responsible and Safe
Cooperative and Prepared
Engaged and Independent Learners 

The RACE Track Color Code

Blue - Triple Super Star 
Blue- Double Super Star
Blue - Super Star

Green - On Track
Yellow - Warning
Orange - Think About It 
Red - Parent Contact

Tickets, RACE Events, and RACE Shopping
Students earn tickets throughout the day for positive behavior.  Students can spend their tickets to attend RACE Events (fun events or assemblies) or at the RACE Store for prizes.